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Monday, 23 March 2009

MIS: Mexican International Speedway - Page 2

Written by Kent V. Flowers
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There are only slight differences in driving techniques employed by the average Mexican driver and those by the professional auto racing circuit. The similarities far outweigh the differences. Everyone is driving as fast as possible in an attempt to gain the pole position. It is only a relative pole position, because there is still always someone in front of you, but you get internal points for every car you pass.


Sitting at the end of the entrance ramp, waiting for an opening on the highway, a car comes swiftly up behind me. It can be difficult to find an opening onto the highway during rush hour, so sometimes you get on the entrance ramp and have to wait a while. The driver behind me is impatient. Their philosophy here is not to wait for an opening, but to make one. I agree with the philosophy and have my own way of effecting its implementation. I know that the driver behind me will not wait for me to go. He will simply pull out around me like a total maniac and plunge into traffic, making the cars around him swerve to avoid a collision. I am waiting for that. As soon as he pulls into the traffic lane I bolt in front of him. He is my blocker. Like any good running back making for the goal line, I look for the blocks. The difference here is that the block is behind me. Waving my appreciation at the blocker car behind me I speed off toward work.


MIS, Mexican International Speedway, Mexican highway, driving in mexico, San Luis Potosi, Kent V. FlowersNobody waves here. Nobody acknowledges an act of kindness on the road. If I let someone into traffic, two more cars will try to plow their way in at the same time. I do not think they are being discourteous. They are simply carving out their niche as best they can in a hostile environment. The law of the jungle rules behavior on the road.


Does my move in front of the maniac driver make me a maniac by proxy, a kind of menace apprentice? In Michigan yes, in Mexico I don’t think so. It is just an attitude of the latitude.

©Kent V. Flowers

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