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Monday, 05 May 2008

Battling Buffalos in Pokhara - Page 2

Written by Carolyn Bonello
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It all started to go wrong when a moment of sheer impulse led me to jump into the murky lake.

Together with two girlfriends, I had been travelling around Nepal for a month or so, and, finally back in Pokhara after a grueling Annapurna trek, plus a suicidal bout of amoebic dysentery, I decided it was time to give my miserable body a break.


Quickly mastering an efficient rowing technique, the three of us pick up speed as we glide smoothly across the lake, laughing and chatting, amazed at how effortless this is turning out to be. I love rowing. I was born to row. The day is progressing well.

Sore and aching triceps and pectorals, plus overuse of abdominals to maintain a stable posture, soon call for an urgent break.

‘Right girls, lets pull over here,’ I instruct, pointing confidently at a shallow bank, as we enter a beautiful, deserted cove, ‘The perfect spot for our picnic lunch.’

Unanimously agreeing to this supposedly wonderful plan, we unpack our picnic lunches and ravenously delve in to our feast. Half way through a divine tuna roll, I come up with a bright idea.

Stripping shamelessly to my underwear, (why not? after all who on earth can see us here?) I decide that it might be nice to take a refreshing dip in the lake.

It’s not so murky after all. I can’t understand why no one is swimming.’

Taking the plunge, I jump clumsily into the subtropical lake.

‘Whoa, this water sure is cold’, I screech at the top of my voice, disturbing any form of peace that was once present, ‘but it’s so refreshing.’

I perfect my freestyle technique around a small circumference of lake, when suddenly, I realize that the ripples I spot in the distance are not caused by my erratic splashing, but by another foreign body that must have invaded the otherwise peaceful lake.


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