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Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Day at the Ukrainian Circus - Page 3

Written by Bobby Fox
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    When I got back to my seat, Olya was still laughing.

    “It’s not funny,” I said.

    “It is hilarious,” Olya added.

      Meanwhile, the clown whose face I fell on was being helped out of the ring, holding a rag up to his presumably bloody – and possibly broken nose. One might assume that considering the way I felt about clowns, I would have claimed this moment as a victory. But instead, I felt myself feeling sorry for the poor clown.
      I had never before thought a clown could elicit my sympathy from me. But the more time I spent in Ukraine, the more I learned that anything was possible.
    When the clowns finished up their act (which I clearly curtailed), it was time for the grand finale. Flying dogs! This was the act advertised on posters and billboards all over the city and I had been dying to know: how they would manage to make dogs fly? Would they be shot out of a cannon? Surely, they wouldn’t be that cruel, even despite all the stray dogs roaming the city.

      Initially, this trick was accomplished by having dogs wearing little backpacks walk up a ladder leading near the roof – a height of at least 100 feet. When the dogs got to the top, they walked across a diving-board-like platform and then jumped down below. Half way down, a little parachute opened before landing safely in the arms of their trainers down below. And then, they brought out the cannon, which was pointed straight up. And just as I imagined, dogs were shot out of it.
©Bobby Fox

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