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Thursday, 19 October 2006

Finca Adalgisa, Mendoza, Argentina

Written by Christina Kay Bolton
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fincaIf you like wine, you must go to Mendoza, Argentina; Finca Adalgisa in particular.  It is the smallest winery in Mendoza and the people are gracious, the place is lovely, and the wines are fantastic.  A guide will bring you on a tour through the vineyard, estate, winery, and then lead you to the tasting area.

My main experience with wine tasting had been in California and other places in the US, where you spend about 15 minutes standing at a bar waiting for the bartender to return so you can get another thimble-sized taste of wine.  So, you can imagine my surprise when we were led into a luxurious room filled with white couches overlooking a sea of verdant grape leaves.

As our friendly host disappeared to the cellar to retrieve our first ‘tastes’ – nearly a whole glass of wine each – we sank into the couch and really relaxed for the first time since our hurried departure from Boston hours before a blizzard.  The wine was incredible.  The room was fairly quiet yet buzzing with small groups in conversation.  The owner, Gabriella Furlotti, was with one of the groups, but greeted us.

A waitress brought us water, a basket of crackers, and a menu in case we wished to order something.  I wish we stayed and ordered their ‘small plates,’ instead we hurried down Chacras de Coria’s dusty streets to our dinner reservation – which was the traditional Argentinean meal with about 15 varieties of meat (that I didn’t enjoy) – and I was longing for those relaxing white couches and their peaceful view.

We made our way back to our room at the finca. This is one of a growing number of wineries where you can stay as well as taste fine wines. Here, they offer rooms and suites overlooking a small pool and the vineyards. There are fruit trees and you can help yourself to plums, figs, or whatever else is in season.



Our room was rustic and nicely decorated with a patio to sit outside. Unfortunately, the room also had a strong smell we could not identify, slightly like kerosene. Since it was an old farmhouse, we thought perhaps the smell of old oil lamps had penetrated the walls, but we never confirmed that theory. Despite that problem, we still wish to go back to Finca Adalgisa, however we’ll definitely ask for a different room next time.

The Casa Vieja (old house) was elegant. It had a lovely sitting room and a large dining room with huge houseplants. There is an antique library with walls of old books, leather chairs, and a large stately desk. There is also a computer in this room for guests use, or if you travel with a laptop, there is wireless. Continental breakfast is served in the dining room, offering rolls, croissants, cheese, and fruit and yogurt or eggs.

poolThe pool is nice, but unheated, so it is quite cool in the morning, but a good way to wake up! There are also bicycles for guest’s to use. The staff will help you plan excursions to the Andes, or you can drive around from winery to winery – there are so many in the Mendoza area – they really have created the perfect conditions for growing their famous Malbec grapes. Mendoza used to be a high, sunny desert. It was only through a massive irrigation project throughout the area that uses the water runoff of the high Andes that Mendoza became the land of vineyards and orchards – the fruit producer of the nation. Wherever you go, be sure to be back by late afternoon to visit Finca Adalgisa’s Cava de Vinos and taste its treasures.


Details: Finca Adalgisa, Pueyrredon 2222, Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina, Tel: +54 261 4960713,, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Rooms from $100 (US).

©Christina Kay Bolton

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