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Monday, 31 October 2016

AFESIP Cambodia: Helping Sex Trafficking Survivors Re-integrate - Page 4

Written by Andrea Oikawa
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In a deja-vu moment, everyone slowly migrated to the boardroom table to conclude my visit. The ladies presented me with a plate of colorful Cambodian sweets as Rotha encouraged me to try them. I reciprocated with a variety box of Ferrero Rocher; wishing I’d had the foresight three months ago to pick something up from my country while I was there, something with a bit more meaning.


Rotha updated me on their news, the hardships they’d had in the past two years and introduced new members of the team, while providing his translation services as the only present speaker of both Khmer and English.


Of course I’d set aside a shopping budget and being employed meant I could dig slightly deeper into the pockets to acquire some gifts for myself and friends and family. The ladies presented me with a gift, this time a beautiful tote bag. Interestingly enough, as I packed for this trip back in my Bangkok apartment, I thought it would be handy to have a tote bag to bring to the beach in Kep.


The morning finished with photos and giggles over striking a pose; laughter is a common language. They bade me farewell as my eyes swelled with tears and my heart with love and respect for these women, in addition to some perspective; they had survived horrors I have never known, nor will likely know.


I look forward to my next visit to Cambodia and the amazing AFESIP Fair Fashion team; farewell is not goodbye.


©Andrea Oikawa

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