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Monday, 30 December 2013

The Bajau of Wakatobi, Indonesia - Page 3

Written by Caitlin Kelly
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In the afternoon, we visited a ‘fish farm’. Not an extensive array of fish pools, but one small, yet fascinating hut-like structure just off-shore. Climbing onto its platform, we looked down to swarms of fish, gasping for life. 

After bringing the catch back, which included a turquoise puffer fish, the locals proceeded to prod each one, until it died. One girl in our group went cloudy white; I think she was a vegetarian. 

Our final day came. We witnessed a traditional tea ceremony, complete with animal figures constructed from palm leaves, and an unnervingly quiet baby. As the sun set over the smooth grey ocean, our boat of enthusiastic travelers was quiet at last, as each took a moment to reflect.

Three planes and two precarious midnight boat journeys later, I was boarding the long-haul flight home. The excitement about sitting on soft chairs and chomping on western food for the first time in four weeks quickly ran dry, as I realized my time in Indonesia had come to an end. I said goodbye to the people I had met and so long to the nation of smiles. 


©Caitlin Kelly 

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