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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hindu Bratabandha Ceremony, Nepal - Page 3

Written by Amanda Shore
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Much of the ceremony in conducted under the cover of a shawl and is secret, between the boy and his new Guru. Pundit Karishna Thapa explained “The Guru gives his students a sacred string to wear and a mantra which they are to keep private. If the mantra is said every day, while holding the string, it will promote prosperity, well-being and protection from everyday mishaps.” The mantras are taken from the Vedas, sacred Hindu texts.



Occasionally one of the boys comes out from under cover and is asked to add elements to the fire.



Aunts wait patiently for their turn to give their nephews their blessing. As with most festivals in Nepal, the Bratabandha is about family coming together to recognize an important day in someone’s life.



The ceremony comes to an end with the boys begging from their relatives for rice and receiving Tika from their aunts. This practice is to signify the traditional life of a monk and give the boys a spiritual grounding for their first life lesson.


(c) Amanda Shore

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