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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hindu Bratabandha Ceremony, Nepal - Page 2

Written by Amanda Shore
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Pandit Karishna Thapa checks the razor. His son’s heads will be shaved for purification by their mother’s brother.



I really felt for the boys as they shivered in their shorts waiting for their turn under the razor. The older boys and uncles playfully teased “the wind will be so cold on your new head” or “I hope I don’t slip and cut off an ear.”



As each of the boys finish their mothers, aunts and sisters rush forward to carefully rinse any hair from their skinny necks and warm them in their shawls.  All the hair is collected with precision to protect the boys from anyone who may wish to use it for harm. It will later be disposed of in the Baghmati River.



These belong to the Brahmin caste so they were dressed in orange and given a deer skin bag to signify the traditional Brahmin role as priests. At the Bratabandha of boys belonging to other castes different objects are used, for example Chhettri people often carry a bow and arrow.

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