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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Incognito Contest Sept-Oct 2011

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Follow these clues to enter our contest, win your next vacation!

I am standing in the hundred degree heat climbing the narrow steep steps of this pyramid to see the incredibly preserved stucco and limestone mortar decorations on these ruins. The elaborate decor hides a tomb and differs from other major ruins of the area which are mainly carved out of stone. Discovered recently, the excavation of the site is not complete, as the process of cutting the jungle away takes time. However, it does seem that the jungle preserved the ruins better than humans would have, as the site appears completely intact with nothing missing. Palapas have since been built over the most extensive carvings to protect them from the elements. This would have been a great city at the height of its civilization and is named after a jaguar.

The state where the ruins lie is one of the most prosperous in this country, blessed with soft white sand and azure seas. Many people come on direct flights from a larger northern country for resort vacations and spring break trips. Tourism in the country as a whole has been on the decline recently as violence associated with drugs and gangs has spread across many areas.

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