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Friday, 03 July 2009

Incognito Contest Sept-Oct 2009

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Incognito Contest Sept-Oct 2009This small church is the oldest in its city and the most historic. It has been named three times: once after the infant Jesus; the second in 1690 after a victory in battle with an arch enemy trying to capture the city; and a third revision after being saved from another attack due to the shipwreck of the intruders in 1711. The church is seen as the protector of the city for those victories. A miniature replica of a vessel that brought the defending army in hangs from the ceiling close to the fort shaped alter.

The church took 46 years to complete since its groundbreaking in 1687 and its colonial architecture has been restored. It is a popular tourist attraction now, but also still holds services and has a congregation. It sits in a cobblestoned square surrounded by cafés and shops in the low town of this beautiful old city.

The city overlooks a large, deep river which cargo ships use daily on their way to one of the busiest ports on this continent. The city is known for its winter carnival where ice sculptures can last for lengthy periods due to the weather. With its sleigh races, snow slides, and outdoor parties in the frigid cold it appeals to those who really love the outdoors.

The city is situated in a large country rich in natural resources that has two official languages; one being the language spoken by the minority who live in this province.

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This contest ended Oct. 31, 2009.

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Notre Dame des Victories, Quebec, Canada

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