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Monday, 22 March 2010

Incognito Contest May-June 2010

Written by Rachael Repoff
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incognito picI meandered alone peacefully through an unfamiliar public park. I was making my way to a museum someone had recommended, but the day was so beautiful I wasn’t in a rush to get there. I knew the museum was located in the northern section of the park near a bridge; and sure enough, there it was.


As I crossed over the bridge I looked over the side to catch a glimpse of the man-made river beneath me. I realized that in the river there were surfers… surfing. This was so unexpected; I walked down to the river to get a closer look.


I learned that surfers had been coming to this spot since 1972 due to a phenomenon called a standing wave. The standing wave was explained to me as ‘an interaction between two or more waves that result in the creation of a new wave pattern that remains in a constant state of wave production.’

(*Note: Surfers totally dig standing waves)


The standing wave, or the wave as the locals call it, is quite dangerous due to the shallow, cold water; it is predominately used only by experienced surfers.


Another interesting fact is that although it had never actually been enforced, surfing in the river is illegal. This does not seem to deter any of the surfers who come to attempt the wave.


However, recently authorities have threatened to demolish the wave due to potential liability issues.


Therefore, if surfing the wave is high on your Things To Do Before I Die List, go sooner rather than later; just to be on the safe side.


Do you know where I am?


This contest ended June 30, 2010

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The Eisbach, Munich, Germany

Written by Rachael Repoff

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