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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Incognito Contest: March-April 2011

Written by Kristen Hamill
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I am standing on a natural rock formation on the southeastern coast of this island state.  This rare geological feature, caused by natural erosion formed in flat-lying sedimentary rock, gives the appearance that the rock has been cut into rectangular tiles with raised edges.

There are several other interestingly named geological attractions to see on this narrow isthmus of land, but the area also holds a lot of history. Back in this island’s penal colony days, this stretch of land formed a natural gateway to the peninsula that was used to house convicts. Dogs were chained to posts along the neck to keep prisoners from escaping, although many tried. Legend has it that one ambitious convict attempted to hop down the isthmus in a kangaroo skin, but gave himself up when two guards tried to shoot him for their dinner.

Do you know where I am?

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