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Friday, 06 February 2009

Incognito Contest March-April 2009

Written by Jessica Borges
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ImageI am standing in the midst of a vast national park surrounded by wildlife and open terrain. Commanding the attention of anyone within miles, this colossal mass erupts from the surrounding foothills. 56 million years of crystallization led to the evolution of the majestic snow-capped mountain before me. Withstanding extremely harsh weather, the mountain endures high winds, frequent snowfall, and temperatures as low as -75 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chills of -118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Courageous climbers brave the brash conditions in attempts to claim triumph over one of the most respected and physically taxing feats known to man. This North American mountain boasts an impressive rise and bulk so grueling, it claimed roughly 100 lives by 2003. The oxygen level at the summit is a dangerous 42%, increasing the likelihood of altitude sickness.


Despite its dangerous characteristics, the mountain is known to locals and tourists from around the world as one of the state’s gems. Cloudy conditions allow for rare sightings, but a clear day reveals the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature’s terrific masterpiece.

Upon its first recorded sighting in the late 1700’s, the mountain was left unnamed, but since then has been referred to by a number of titles. The Native Americans referred to the mountain by a name translated to mean “The Great One,” and most locals still use this name today. It is more commonly referred to as the name of a prominent political figure in U.S. history.


Do you know where I am?



This contest ended April 30, 2008.

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Answer: Mount McKinley, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA

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