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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Incognito Contest July-August 2010

Written by Rachael Repoff
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The waterfalls I am standing at are the focal point of a 1,800 acre historical nature park. This park is known for offering visitors a first-hand experience of the ancient lifestyle and traditions of this tropical paradise.

Divers re-enact warrior games of skill and courage by climbing the slippery waterfalls and diving from various ledges into the rocky pool below.

The park strives to combine nature, adventure, and culture by offering activities such as horseback riding, kayaking and mountain biking as well as music demonstrations and archeological sites.

Within the park there are also self-guided walking tours through 35 tropical botanical gardens, including an exotic flower collection.

In ancient times, the waterfalls were believed to contain healing powers, so locals would bring wounded soldiers to the waterfall and lay them in the water for healing. The water has a reddish tint due to iron oxide in the volcanic soil that flows down from a nearby mountain.



This contest ended August 31, 2010

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Answer: Waimea Falls Park, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


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