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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Incognito Contest July-August 2009

Written by Chad Jarrah
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Incognito Contest July-August 2009For all of my aesthetic beauty, my technology was “green” long before the term was coined. Driven by the flowing river in days past, my job was to scoop up water in small receptacles attached to each of the many spokes of my giant wheel and empty the contents into an advanced aqueduct system. I still turn today in this ancient city, although not as much as I did when the land I irrigate was still in agricultural use. When I rotate, my wheel creaks and squeaks – it is often referred to as “singing”.


Although I was built during the days of the Byzantine Empire, I do not exist in a country currently occupied by Roman authority. In those medieval days, about thirty waterwheels were built – close to a dozen are now left. Of these dozen still working, the largest wheel is up to twenty meters in diameter.


I am located in the fifth largest city of my Eastern country of origin with a population of 410,000 inhabitants. Locals pass me every day on the river bank where I turn my giant axel, and thousands of tourists visit me each year to get a glimpse of my vast magnificence. The country I hail from has an eagle as its coat of arms and two green stars on its flag.


Do you know where I am?


This contest ended Aug. 31, 2009.

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Answer: Norias (Waterwheels) of Hama, Syria

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