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Tuesday, 01 January 2013

Incognito Contest: Jan-Feb 2013

Written by Antoinette Marie
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I am designed to look like the days in Rome or Greece when gods and goddesses ruled the earth. As you explore my grounds you will notice I have more than one garden each with its own unique qualities. You can rest on stone benches as you admire the bronze statues and fountains as well as over 300 different kinds of plant life. The main garden has a magnificent 220 foot-long reflecting pool. At each end of the pool there is a statue sitting atop a rock above the water. If you want a tranquil place for meditation, visit my east garden. It has a spectacular fountain and behind it a mosaic sitting area to rest. My other garden grows the same variety of fruits and herbs used in the first-century. The plant life will be labeled so you know exactly what you’re seeing and smelling.  As you enter the inside of my villa you will notice Greek columns lining the walkways, the outside walls are decorated with paintings and the floor is tiled.

Inside you will be delighted in the overwhelming amount of Roman and Etruscan antiquities. I have twenty three different galleries each devoted to a certain theme. Some are devoted to the gods, others to the story of the Trojan War as well as other themes. Five of my galleries are ever-changing to make way for new art that has been loaned to me. On my second floor I have one of the few life-size bronze statues that has survived over time. It sits in a climate controlled room for preservation. 

I even have a library for those who wish to do extensive research on antiquities. Only a select few are able to use my books, but if you’re one of them I have approximately 20,000 books for you to indulge in. 

If you come on a Thursday or Saturday afternoon you can enjoy “Tea by the Sea.” Everything that is served is inspired by the first century Roman gardens. Don’t hesitate to come at any time of year, as the temperature usually never goes below forty degrees and I rarely, if ever, see snow. I am surrounded by palm trees and a Pacific ocean, but once here I look nothing like my surroundings. I am modeled after a first century Roman country house. I was supposed to be modeled after the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Italy but since it hasn’t been fully excavated I am based on many Roman homes from the first century. I even have an outside classical theater. Do you know where I am?






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