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Saturday, 04 January 2014

Incognito Contest: Jan-Feb 2014

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I have been around for many millions of years. I span from Canada down to the Southwest of the United States. In some areas I reach over 14,400 feet and in other areas I have no peaks. At one time my plains had Mammoth and Ancient Bison, but now I’m inhabited by furry creatures such as bighorn sheep, lynx and the wolverine. I have been home to the Apache, Cheyenne and Sioux tribes. Famous people have traveled my land in hopes of new exploration or riches in the likes of Lewis and Clark and Sir Alexander Mackenzie. I am known for many of my national parks, some having waterfalls, geysers and hot springs. You can camp at my parks and go fishing, though some campsites are only accessible by foot or horseback. You could have bears come up to you begging for food while you’re fixing your own plate over…
Thursday, 07 November 2013

Incognito Contest: Nov-Dec 2013

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Where am I? I’m on the East Coast of a large continent without too many countries where dolphins swim in my waters. My boardwalk is filled with unique shops where you’ll find that one of a kind gift. I have a landmark taffy store called Dolles’ where you can buy a few pieces or a box to share with friends. Even though I’m next to the ocean I have a farmer’s market where you can enjoy locally grown produce. I also have farms nearby where you can pick your own strawberries and blueberries depending on the season. Different times of the year I have festivals either at my beach or the beaches surrounding me. There is even the annual Elvis festival. Every October there is a celebration for Halloween and let’s not forget Oktoberfest! But don’t wait until Oktoberfest to have a beer. Head over to our famous pub and…
I am nestled in one of the states in New England. Along my streets are bookstores, places to shop for that unique gift and you might find some “Ivy” a few blocks away. In my town I have a Pulitzer winning mural in one of the many museums that can be found here. I host a variety of museums including the largest British collection of art, paintings, sculptures and rare books in the whole United States. There is a museum for art that hosts a collection of over 100,000 pieces in its permanent collection; anything from modern art to the historically famous. Most of my museums are free. If you love books there is an enormous rare book and manuscript library that will blow your mind. The stacks of books are endless. You will find yourself not wanting to leave. It seems like every city is has their own “Little…
Wednesday, 01 May 2013

Incognito Contest: May-June 2013

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I am on an island in a pristine part of the world with powdery white sand between my toes. Everywhere there are animals, some prehistoric-looking like the marine iguanas and others, just plain rare. The crescent-shaped beach has a long path leading to it from the town through the foliage and scrub. The length of the pathway keeps at least some of the development at bay. As I walk along it I see birds that hop down the low stone walls next to me. They are not afraid of me. I get closer and am surprised that they still don’t fly away like they would at home if I was that close. Surfers practice on the waves, but I walk on further until I see the mangroves and the still turquoise pools where the pelicans play, reef sharks swim, and the kayakers slide out into the natural world. Do you…
Thursday, 28 February 2013

Incognito Contest: March-April 2013

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No matter what time of year I am always ready and waiting for someone to explore my grounds. I stay cold until April when the sun comes out and my snow melts away. By the summer you’ll be able to hike. If you're into extreme biking I have the trails for you. Bring some of your friends, make a picnic and go fishing on my lake. Not everyone wants to be outdoors and I do have some of the most exquisite lodges and casinos where you can escape from everyday life. Summer is quite beautiful here, but I’m known for my winter months. Guests come from all over to ski my mountains and cross-country ski my trails. You can go ice skating, snow tubing, and I even have sledding trails; almost anything you can think of to do in the snow is here. As you explore my region you will…
Tuesday, 01 January 2013

Incognito Contest: Jan-Feb 2013

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I am designed to look like the days in Rome or Greece when gods and goddesses ruled the earth. As you explore my grounds you will notice I have more than one garden each with its own unique qualities. You can rest on stone benches as you admire the bronze statues and fountains as well as over 300 different kinds of plant life. The main garden has a magnificent 220 foot-long reflecting pool. At each end of the pool there is a statue sitting atop a rock above the water. If you want a tranquil place for meditation, visit my east garden. It has a spectacular fountain and behind it a mosaic sitting area to rest. My other garden grows the same variety of fruits and herbs used in the first-century. The plant life will be labeled so you know exactly what you’re seeing and smelling. As you enter the…
Sunday, 28 October 2012

Incognito Contest: Nov-Dec 2012

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My location is an incredibly fashionable place to be.  Not to brag... but I have been a trendy retreat for aristocrats and wealthy people since the Roman times.The country I run through has nicknamed me Lario. I am of glacial origin, and I'm shaped very much like the character "Y".  I am the third largest lake in my country and one of the deepest throughout my entire continent.To this day, I remain a very popular tourist attraction with many artistic and cultural gems.  Without name-dropping, I can tell you that many celebrities have homes on my shores... and that one American leading man in particular speaks often about how much he loves coming to his home on my shores.Where am I?
Thursday, 23 August 2012

Incognito Contest: Sept-Oct 2012

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I was first launched in April of 1943 and have been to Pearl Harbor, the Caribbean and Hawaii. I was involved in many wars but was decommissioned in March of 1974. Since then I have become a national museum available to everyone. I sit on a famous river that is next to an island made up of city life. While you are visiting me you can watch an eight minute movie that will tell the history of how I came about and where I’ve been.  There is the Bell 47 helicopter you can climb into and pretend you’re flying, or take a ride in the A-6 Cockpit simulator.       If you’re into 3-D, I have an XD theater that will blow your mind. Every Saturday night during the summer you can sit on my deck, bring your lawn chairs & snacks, and watch a feature movie. Parents and groups have…
I have palm trees and cliffs next to my beaches. You can also find Eucalyptus trees in my city. Surfers come to play on my waves. I am known for my dolphin and whale watching and have restaurants next to my beaches where you can have a fresh seafood dinner overlooking the sunset. I have hosted weddings and family gatherings. Over twenty beaches line my coast and there is a protected marine preserve. Tours are hosted to see the sea lions, seals and life in the tide pools.  In my hills and cliffs you can go hiking, bird watching or even find an equestrian trail. There are over 100 art galleries with public art everywhere to be seen and enjoyed. You may even find a bench that is artist inspired. The land I’m on was relatively recently ‘discovered’ and named in the 1800’s. If you wanted to take a day…
This beautiful coastal town is famed for its coves and secret beaches surrounded by steep cliffs. Its turquoise water is translucent and the sand is pure white. The port is home to many cafes and restaurants to experience the excellent local cuisine as well as numerous yachts to explore this rocky coastline. Surrounded by vineyards that make a prized white wine, this country produces numerous prize-winning vintages.Located in a country visited by many tourists, this area is especially crowded in the summer months, when city dwellers flock to the shore.On a continent known for its cultural contributions to the world, with much of its great artwork hailing from this region. Do you know where I am?(scroll down to enter your vote)

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