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Friday, 06 February 2009

South Australia Will Win Over Your Heart - Page 3

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Mentioning my year abroad in Adelaide has elicited more than a groan or two from Australians that are not native to South Australia.

Adelaide,” whined a Sydney woman I met while she visited Boston, “is our most embarrassing city. It’s so tiny. Why would you have gone there when you could have gone to Sydney or Melbourne? Or up north to Queensland?”

South Australia’s neighbors to the east might have the upper hand when it comes to attracting tourists with iconic destinations like the Sydney Opera House, Whitsunday Islands, and Great Barrier Reef, but conveniently enough, the lack of tourists is part of what makes South Australia as beautiful and unique as it is.

Beaches like these lead you to believe that Australians either have enough to go around or that out-of-state tourists haven’t caught on to South Australia’s secret. There are plenty of areas to camp, set up an RV, rent a small cabin, trailer, or beach house. The only downside to the Peninsula is that the flies can get particularly vicious once the weather gets warmer. Put your dignity aside and invest in a hat with a built-in screen, you’ll be thankful you did once your arm grows tired of the “Australian Salute.”

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When planning a trip down under, whether you are traveling with your significant other or going solo and hoping to find love along the way, consider adding South Australia to your itinerary. The Opera House and the Reef are sights to see, but make sure to get a taste of the real Australia before you leave the country.

Without a doubt, South Australia will win over your heart.

©Kristen Hamill

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