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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Soul Searching in Orvieto, Italy

Written by Jasmine Carpenter
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A man very dear to my heart crossed the ocean to witness his son getting married in Orvieto, a peaceful stony town nestled in one of the most picturesque inland parts of Italy, Umbria. As a workaholic who traveled the world on business trips but never took the time to enjoy the places he visited; the wedding trip was a dream come true to finally explore his origins. Not speaking a word of Italian but believing that everything on this planet has a purpose and a lesson to offer, he embarked on the plane with the wedding party.

La Badia Di Orvieto

The very moment he stepped into Orvieto, he felt the connection to the ancestral land.
Surrounded by the timeless beauty of
La Badia Castle, perched on wildflower strewn terraces of the hillside, and Orvieto’s imposing Duomo, he ultimately felt the inherited sense of his identity and allowed himself to absorb the overwhelming feeling of tranquility.

Being in Italy, I believe, offered him a chance to find the strength unknown to him to dig deep through life events he experienced through the years and the ways he lived his life. It helped him understand his choices, reconcile with some, and look ahead with a bruised yet open heart.

Morning strolls downhill to the olive groves and vineyards, breathing in the cool freshness of the early morning dew, and greeting a friendly and overly excited donkey on the walking path, gently eased him into his days. Watching the estate’s stray cat roaming freely and preying on the local birds evoked the notion of a free spirit in him. Liberated from the grueling work routine, immersed in a magical landscape, he witnessed ordinary daily miracles that he denied himself seeing for a long time.

As wedding guests were starting to arrive at the wedding venue, he rehearsed the Father’s speech he was about to deliver to the couple soon-to-be-wed. His speech was a recollection of memories, anecdotes, and valuable advice that he wanted to pass on to his son and the bride.

The anticipated big day finally arrived. Sun rays were illuminating the Castle’s walls. The fragrance of flowers was poignant. Beautifully decorated tables were set with long wreaths of flowers, greenery, delicate china, and crystal glasses, while sparkling chandeliers hung above it all. A picture-perfect wedding couple exchanged their vows and emerged from the small chapel. Sounds of cheer, music, and laughter danced in the air. It was like magic…the kind of magic one wants to bottle up and sprinkle over ever so often to keep the memory intact.


Elegantly dressed guests filled the chairs as the sun descended on the green hills of Umbria. And shortly after, the sky was lit with the stars glistening like diamonds.

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