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Monday, 30 December 2013

My Muse Florence - Page 3

Written by Vincent Zandri
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Sure, Florence isn’t without its faults. It’s full of mosquitoes and drunks who walk the streets in the middle of the night wailing indiscernible words to no one in particular. There are hordes of tourists especially in the summer and early fall months. It’s certainly not the cheapest place in Italy. All I know is that every time I come here, I can depend upon something good happening to my career. Two years ago I spent much of the summer here with my son, Harrison, who is now also a writer. During our stay I got a call from my agent. He’d landed me a seven book deal with Thomas & Mercer along with a very nice advance. And just a day after I landed here last week, he sent me an email telling me he’s working on a possible movie deal for my standalone literary thriller, The Remains. 


So the luck continues, but not the love. Or perhaps I’m wrong about that.


You might recall the second wife I mentioned just a few paragraphs ago. The one I left but whom I still loved? She’s coming to see me for the holidays. Turns out, we’re giving our love another try. Or, in the context of this thread, we’re rewriting our story together. A small part of that story will once again take place in Florence. It’s true that this ancient city of art and inspiration will always be my writing muse. The one place I can count on for providing me with strings of sentences, paragraphs, and polished pages. But it will never take the place of finding true love. True love is where the heart is. It knows no bounds, no limits, no geography. It certainly can’t be pointed to on a map or discovered in a travel magazine. Love just is. 


This time, I’m not letting go. But then, you never know. This is Florence after all.


©Vincent Zandri


Vincent Zandri is the bestselling noir author of The Remains, The Innocent, and the Dick Moonlight PI series which includes Moonlight Rises and Blue Moonlight. His publishers include Thomas & Mercer, StoneGate Ink, Delacorte Press, Dell, and others. His first novel in the Moonlight series, Moonlight Falls, is being translated in French and Italian by Meme Publishers for an April, 2014 release. For more go to WWW.VINCENTZANDRI.COM


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