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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Honeymoon Adventure in Ireland - Page 3

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When my husband and I were thinking about where to go on our honeymoon the first question we asked ourselves was, “Do we want to relax on a beach and do nothing for 10 days, or do we want to have an adventure?” Being lazy and relaxing in the warm sun was very appealing, but we decided on having an adventure and being exhausted after it was finished. The next thing we had to figure out was where to have this said adventure. My husband had never been out of the country, let alone the state he was born in, so we decided that for his first trip we would go to an English speaking country.

Set in the mountains of the west coast, it is situated in picturesque scenery. The grounds of the castle can be visited by anyone, but the castle itself is saved only for those who stay there. We were amazed at how wonderfully accommodating and welcoming the staff were, and the rooms were magnificent. That night we treated ourselves to a gourmet dinner, with five or six different courses including a decadent dessert.

The castle is a wonderful place to stay, but what was even more exciting for us, was the fact that they offered a falconry course. Honeymoon Adventure in Ireland, travel Ireland, Irish castles, driving Ireland, Irish B&S'sIn the morning we got up early and went out into the woods where the class is held. The staff there was especially nice, and we each got our own falcon to learn with. We were given two brothers, my husband got the larger more grumpy one, while I got the lighter more docile falcon. Our guide walked us through how to hold the amazingly light birds, how to call them back and how to reward them. After a little introductory course, we walked through the woods and were able to see them in true flight, swiftly dodging and acrobatically missing tree braches, dive bombing from the sky and landing lightly on to our arms when we called them back. It was no wonder to us afterward why the kings who had taken up falconry had loved it so much in the past.

Before we left Ireland for good, we decided that we had to see Saint Patrick’s mountain where it is said he spent forty days and forty nights praying and fasting. If we had had more time we could have climbed the mountain ourselves which takes the whole day. The mountain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and the tide was out so far that we were able to walk on long stretches of sand which normally the ocean covers. The environment around the mountain is the most beautiful land that we saw. It is mostly just steep craggy mountains, dotted by sheep and patches of grass; which surround the clearest lakes we have ever seen where the fish literally fly out of the water in leaps of joy. At one point we stopped at one of these lakes, just sitting by its quiet shores, without anyone else nearby. All we could hear there was the soft cool breeze from the lake, and the murmur of baaing sheep on the hillsides. It was a place where we felt we could have stayed forever.

Honeymoon Adventure in Ireland, travel Ireland, Irish castles, driving Ireland, Irish B&S's

When we told friends that we were planning on driving across Ireland and back, they said we were crazy. But we found that by making our own itinerary we were able to go when we wanted or rest when we wanted. We also got to explore many parts of Ireland that perhaps others have never seen. Ireland is a sweet place filled with quaint little cottages, delicious pubs and restaurants, and accommodating bed and breakfasts. It is a great place to feel like you are really having an adventure, but aren’t too far from home. It is a trip that we will never forget.

©Bonnie Moses

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