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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Enjoy a Romantic Interlude at Canada'’s Reesor Ranch - Page 2

Written by Habeeb Salloum
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“You will have to live the life of a cowboy for a while,” an acquaintance I had met in Val Marie commented when I told him that I would be spending the next night at the Historic Reesor Ranch edging the Cypress Hills. Now, after touring those seductive hills, I turned to enter this historic and tourist-friendly ranch, and was impressed. Surrounded by an inviting, wooded and hilly countryside, its location was appealing, especially for those seeking solitude and quiet country life. Tucked away in a valley sloping down from the Cypress Hills, with over a hundred cattle roaming on its 1,000 acres, the ranch appeared like a jewel encompassed in greenery – truly an ideal hideaway for honeymooners.

If they wish to experience ranch life in south western Saskatchewan, visitors can join in ranching activities such as guided hiking, roundup on horseback, riding for hours in the hills, and taking part in the daily operation of ranch life before enjoying a meal around a campfire.

Enjoy a Romantic Interlude at Canada’s Reesor Ranch, Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, Alberta, guest ranch, romantic cabins, Helen Reesor, Habeeb SalloumStanding by the converted barn and surveying the panorama, I felt elated as I inhaled the incredible, fresh, clean air. Under a deep blue sky there seemed to be endless space – room to breathe freely. Many visitors opt for hiking through the majestic forests of pine and spruce to observe the flowers, animal and bird species. Others might choose to pitch in on the ranch, while honeymooners usually want to spend their time cooing. As for myself, I was content to just rest in the comfortable temperature, glorying in the wilderness around me.

During most evenings, guests sit around a cozy campfire, swap stories or listen to cowboy poetry, usually by Scott, while in the background they can, at times, hear the howl of the coyotes.

This evening there was no campfire but Scott was there to read his own poetry and that of Helen Reesor, his mother. From one of her poems he recited:

“There’s a ranch house on the hillside

Where they lived for many years,

Where they worked and raised a family,

It knew their hopes, their dreams, their fears.

Memories of friends and loved ones,

Good times that were fun for all,

Of picnics, stampedes and camping,

And of dances you can recall.”

With a strong yet gentle voice, Scott repeating his mother’s words seemed to truly draw an image of life on the ranch.

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