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Monday, 05 May 2008

Celtic Splendor in Australia: Kings Plains Castle - Page 3

Written by Kellea Croft
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Growing up I loved to play on the castle ruins in Germany. Every chance to get away was a train hop to Nuremburg to climb the walls, draw, write and ponder life. With the expense of moving to Australia and a wedding in Brisbane, we didn’t have a honeymoon. As our first anniversary neared something special was in order. Glen Innes, New South Wales and Kings Plains Castle were a vision from our dreams.

Celtic Splendor in Australia, Kings Plains Castle, Glen Innes, New South Wales, Kings Plains Station, travel australia, Celtic FestivalThe Standing Stones are comprised of 40 granite monoliths. A circle of 24 of them represent the 24 hours in a day. Four cardinal stones mark true north, east, south and west and seven stones mark the summer and winter solstices. Three central stones are symbolic of the Australis (for all Australians), Gaelic (for Scotland, Ireland and Isle of Man), and Brythonic (for Wales, Cornwall and Brittany). An inscription on the Irish stone in the Ogham language translates in Gaelic as: Gleann Maqi Aongusa “the Glen of the Sons of Angus”, or more simply, Glen Innes.

At the edge of the stones, is a replica of a Taigh Dubh, the small stone “black house” of the early Celtic peoples. It was inspired by a cottage that survived the 1746 Battle of Culloden. Crofter’s Cottage sells refreshments and Celtic souvenirs. The coffee is delightful and atmosphere charming.


Walking among the stones holding hands was an intensely spiritual experience for me. I have a high regard for my Irish/Welsh ancestry and the years of reading about druids and Stonehenge came flooding across my senses. Sharing this emotional spot with my husband brought a deeper connection. I can’t wait to return both to Kings Plains Castle and for the Celtic Festival to hear the bagpipes play from the courthouse balcony.

©Kellea Croft

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