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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Black River Safari w/ Yasmine & Rasta George - Page 6

Written by Vince Bogan
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This was my last full day in Jamaica. The week went by so fast. Next time I promised myself I’d stay at least ten days.  I don’t know why I was so nervous as I ate my morning vegetarian breakfast. So jumpy in fact, that when the lovely Yasmine appeared all packed and ready for our day on the road, I found myself apologizing for not being ready to go.

On the way back to town we drove a lot faster. Yasmine and I shared a bench on the boat, and we kind of snuggled as the spray from the water gently washed over our faces. Few words were spoken, we were now on the homebound part of our trip and I was leaving tomorrow early. I don’t know about her, but I saw a very romantic evening ahead of us.

Back in Black River we went into the same little café and got some bottled water and French fries.

“You guys did a great Job with these,” I said, squirting that translucent Jamaican ketchup on a plate.

“Fries?” she smirked.

“French Fries!!” I said teasing her.

“We had nothing to do with them,” she said dryly in that sultry French accent.

“I love your accent,” I said, immediately wishing I didn’t use the word love.

“What accent? You’re the one with the accent,” she teased back. “Americans think everyone has an accent, but them.”

“Go ahead, bash the ugly American” I pouted.

“You’re a very cute American,” she purred as she leaned over and kissed me.


©Vince Bogan

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