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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Touring Ontario’s Lake Country and Springwater along the Maple Syrup Trail - Page 3

Written by Habeeb Salloum
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      Still munching on the chocolates that almost everyone in our group had purchased, we made our way to Nicholyn Farms offering year-round locally produced organic and traditionally raised foods with its bakery offering many kinds of freshly-baked cookies, breads and buns.   Surrounded by the serenity of the countryside, to city dwellers it is an interesting place to spend a few hours.  Only 10 minutes away from Barrie, Nicholyn Farms is the place to go for the natural bounty of Ontario’s Lake Country.


      Most of us were tired by the time we reached Lalonde’s Sugar Bush in Elmvale that annually features a new maple product.  This year’s highlight is ‘Maple Cotton Candy’ made from the Lalonde’s own production of maple syrup.  Very tasty, it is a children’s delight but also drew high kudos from all the adults in our group as we all enjoyed the pleasure of it melting in our mouths. 

      Tim, our gracious host and owner of Lalonde’s, took our group for a tour of the premises, all the while discussing the modern method for making maple syrup.  Just like Tom at Shaw’s Bush, Tim too spoke with passion and pride about his work at producing an excellent quality of maple syrup.  It was a great learning experience but the cold winds of nature drew us back to our warm bus for our final destination.

      Overflowing with maple syrup we ended our tour at the Simcoe County Museum in Barrie.  A well-organized museum with friendly accommodating staff, it is home to the rich history of Simcoe County.  The Ross Channen Gallery, for example, focuses on the earliest inhabitants of the County and features a replica of a Huron-Wendat longhouse that visitors can explore.  An impressive reproduction of Barrie’s Main Street is an exhibit that is a must-see.  It takes visitors back to downtown Barrie at the turn of the 20th century with its recreations of stores and businesses that operated in the city between 1890 and 1910.  Extremely well done, this exhibit is one of the best depictions of early Ontario’s settlements.  In addition, the Museum is home to ten heritage buildings that have been relocated to the Museum from various locations in Simcoe County.  These late 19th and early 20th century buildings depict daily life, and the growth and development of the area and are open to visitors from May until November.  

      I sat back and reflected on our full day on the Maple Syrup trail.  My travelling companion summed it all up, saying: “I really think that maple syrup is Canada’s hidden gold, a treasure that one can carry to other lands – a sweet reminder of our country!”


© Habeeb Salloum


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