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Friday, 31 December 2010

The Tastes of Thailand - Page 2

Written by Kelly N. Saunders
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Coconut soup or tom khaa kai, is always simmering in bulky steel pots for hours and loaded with delicious ingredients.  Coconut milk is the base of this broth, hence the name, and includes lemon grass, slices of chicken, palm sugar, baby tomatoes, button mushrooms, chilies, cilantro leaves and makrut (lime) leaves for a remarkably warm blend.



Noodles, noodles everywhere.  Thailand has the largest selection of noodles (guai-tiaw) in most markets.  There are wide, white flat noodles which make phat Thai, bean thread which are transparent and glasslike, the recognizable Ramen noodles and tiny rice noodles, to name a few.  Most noodles are made from rice flour, mung bean flour and wheat flour and are twisted, shaped, compressed and flattened in many different ways.  Unlike rice, noodles aren’t often eaten alone and accompany a main dish.


Pork BunsOne little indulgence to be on the lookout for, steamed buns, a white fluffy external shell with a filling of pork, custard and beans is a yummy delight if and when you can find them.  Often sold by one lone street cart, hidden on a random side street, this tasty bun is cheap and filling and goes great with a frosty Chang beer while you stroll along taking in the essence of Thailand.





These are just a few of many diverse fares, styles and little pleasures of visiting Phuket.  Have an open mind when experiencing the quintessential tastes of Thailand and everything this culture has to offer.



Photos and text © Kelly N. Saunders


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