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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Southampton Vineyards

Written by Christina Gmiterek
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I recently spent two weekends in Southampton to escape the dullness that encapsulates Manhattan in late August. The goal was to relax, refresh and explore the vineyards. I enjoy my wine, red and full bodied, but I am no wine connoisseur. I was more than impressed with what what we stumbled across, for the wine but also for the atmosphere and warmth of spirit from the people of Southampton and it's beautiful vineyards.


Duckwalk Vineyards was immediately inviting and quaint. We were welcomed by a friendly staff and a vibrant charm that eclipsed any wait time. The one man band outside, while seemingly playing unnoticed, made all the difference while we noshed on honey goat cheese and buttery crackers, perfectly paired with a bottle of the finest $14 Chardonnay. Who knew summer could taste so good for so little?


As the sun began its decent, we too moved up the road to Wolffer Estates to experience what we were told was the "Vineyard of the Hamptons". Having purposely done very little diligence online, I didn't know what to expect. Driving up the gravel road I felt like we had arrived at an Italian villa, with an orange stucco and a weathered oak door that begged to keep us out and let us in all at the same time.


Walking inside was even more spectacular. I realized that I had stopped breathing for a moment while the beauty of my surroundings washed over my body. I stepped outside and the perfectly manicured rows of fruit, some ripe, some still maturing, were dancing while remaining still in the sunlight. I wanted to respect their stillness and allow the window of my soul to sway with theirs. I hadn't even tasted the wine yet.


The cabernet sauvignon was lovely. The chardonnay was buttery. The merlot was deep. The white blend was oaky. The pinks were blushing. I don't feel like I could do justice to describing the smokiness or hints of cherry in each sip, so I'll encourage you to visit, take a seat, be present, allow yourself to see beauty in the simplicity of a tradition that is ripe with history and overflowing with new memories.


Thank you Southampton for making it an incredible end to summer. I'll be back in the fall, when the windswept days of September reveal a new crop of reds, oranges and yellows to indulge the senses. I simply cannot wait.


©Christina Gmiterek

Last modified on Sunday, 31 December 2017

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