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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Made in Italy: Mami Camilla's Cooking School - Page 3

Written by Sherry Ott
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I joke around about being out of shape, but after eight months of travel, minimal workouts, and food from all over the world, I can still fit into my same old clothes. Compared to the rest of the world, I’ve always felt fit and athletic – that is, until I came to Italy.


We arrived at the market, downed an espresso, and entered. Unlike the Asian markets that I had visited in the past and much to my surprise, the market was clean and well-organized. It was held in what looked to be an old airplane hanger with a large rounded ceiling. It had pristine white walls, orderly rows of fish, palettes of iced fish, stainless steel scales, and tons and tons of men all yelling. I was the only woman in the whole airplane hanger. I walked around the market looking at all of the fish, asking Biagio what some of the fish were, but mainly I enjoyed watching the various men interact.


pastry Photo: Layers of pastry dough made with care

Most of all, I just loved the whole concept of Mami Camillas. I loved riding my Purple Pasta Eater to the house every day and greeting everyone at the house as if I had known them for years. I loved that fact that during our cooking classes various family friends would come waltzing through the kitchen to deliver produce, to make an espresso, or to hang out and talk. I loved when Spike and Lola would smell the meat cooking and attempt to come into the kitchen just to be banished to fuori (outside).dog I loved having a place to call home where everyone did know my name, a place to laugh and make new friends, and a place to learn how to make homemade ravioli.


I hated putting the five additional pounds on my body, but then again all good things come with a price, and mine was five pounds of rotoli (Italian for pasta belly). My new rotoli is made solely of homemade pasta, breadcrumbs, cheese, butter, cream, and pitchers of house wine all from Mami Camilla’s every single night. I thoroughly enjoyed every four course meal there, six nights a week, for four weeks—add that up and you will want to hold an intervention and check me into Jenny Craig.


I wish I could bottle the energy and hospitality that they produce there and sell it. It’s hard to find authentic experiences in Italy these days, but Mami Camilla’s delivered. The only thing it’s missing is a gym membership with the cooking class!




If you are planning a trip to Southern Italy, check out Mami Camilla’s cooking classes!

©Sherry Ott

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