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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Italian Wine Country: The German Way - Page 3

Written by Allen Tan
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As we turned off the road and into the orchard, my gaze broke from the rugged alpine peaks in the distance. Adolf had started speaking and I looked to the front of the carriage to listen as he leaned over his shoulder: “And these apples get sold all over the world…” he explained, tipping his wide-brimmed felt hat towards the stout trees on our right.


Lodging is easy to book online, and I suggest you book ahead; there are a limited number of beds, and on German holidays rooms can be scarce. For best results, book through the official Eppan tourism website, they can make recommendations based on your preferred activities and transportation situation. For those wishing to stay in a piece of history, I suggest the Castle Schloss Korb; request a room in the castle’s keep for an especially unique experience.

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The courtyard of Castle Beaumont.

The best way to explore Eppan is by car, and rentals are easy to find in Bolzano City. Taxis are hard to come by in the smaller villages, but for trips to and from your hotel they are easily arranged. If you plan on spending your days wandering vineyards, consider a bicycle; most hotels offer them complementary or for a small fee. Check the parking arrangements with your hotel before booking, and watch-out for those fast Italian drivers!

©Allen Tan

Travel Information:

Eppan Tourism Office

Rathausplatz 01

I-39057 Eppan an der Weinstraße (BZ)

Tel.: +39-0471-662206

Fax: +39-0471-663546

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schloss Korb

Fam. Dellago

Hocheppanerweg 5

39050 Missian / St. Pauls, Eppan

Tel.: +39 0471 63 60 00

Hotel Weinberg

Inh. Herbert Schrott


I-39050 St. Pauls, Eppan

Tel.: 0039-0471-662326

Carriage Tours by Adolf

10am, Every Day by Request

Leaving from Hotel/Restaurant Gwuerzerkeller (German/Italian)

Zallingerstrasse 24

39040 Tramin

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