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Friday, 30 July 2010

Guy Savoy: The Best Restaurant in Paris

Written by Christina Kay Bolton
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guy savoyGuy Savoy is regarded by many as the best restaurant in Paris and if you look at its’ reviews on Trip Advisor you’ll see users have voted it to the top of the list, so it is #1 out of over 6,000 restaurants in Paris! After a recent lunch there on my honeymoon I wanted to add my vote for the #1 position not only in Paris, but in the world! The culinary feats of the chef left us repeating ‘incredible’ every time the excellent servers stopped by to pick up our empty plates.

It started out simple enough, we arrived and the doorman greeted us, the receptionist confirmed our table and we were seated in the quiet, comfortable dining room which only has about a dozen tables. Almost immediately, the food and wine started arriving. We were offered glasses of Guy Savoy Champagne and then given silver toothpicks skewered with fois gras and toast. Crusty bread was served with two types of butter, then a demitasse of chilled lobster consommé and a sea bass tartar arrived as an ‘amuse bouche’ — small tasty bites sent out by the chef to amuse the palate. No matter how small it was, everything was bursting with flavor.

Next the bread cart appeared, offering a huge selection of breads. When we hesitated, our server offered to pair the appropriate bread with each course, so he came faithfully before each course and brought a slice of sourdough, rye, multi-grain, etc. The sommelier also came to see if we would like a bottle of wine or preferred glasses to accompany the various tastes. We chose the later and were very impressed with his suggestions. Before the first course of the ‘Menu Prestige’ – a pea puree with a softly boiled quail egg on top – he brought us one of the best white wines I’ve ever tasted: Le Rocher des Violettes 2008.

The next course was heirloom tomatoes drizzled with a tangy vinaigrette and when we were done they surprised us by lifting the perforated plate on top to find a tomato tart underneath. Someone came by to serve a seaweed-citron sorbet which was the perfect accompaniment as the sweet with the sour vinegar sauce and luscious tomatoes was delectable.

Then Sea bass with three spices (coriander, ginger, and vanilla) was served along with another white wine and a rye bread. The fish was seared on the outside and tender inside, and shitake mushrooms and Swiss chard went perfectly with the delicate vanilla sauce. The mouthwatering Swiss chard was prepared with such care – all bitterness was gone as the outside of the stalks were peeled away, leaving the soft white interior. I had trouble even identifying which vegetable it was.

guy savoyYet another white wine, Vincent Girardin Puligny-Montrachet 2006 was served with the next delicacy: Breton Lobster with avocado and chanterelle mushrooms. Simply delicious. Thank god the portions were small or we would have had to stop eating at this point. After that was their signature dish: artichoke soup with shaved truffles served with brioche filled with mushrooms, truffles, and truffle butter. It was a perfect combination and I can see why it’s a favorite; it’s rich and delectable without being heavy, and somehow works just as well in July as in fall, winter and spring.

We were served an excellent red wine: Chateau Bellegrave Pomerol 2002 with our next course, seared duck wrapped in duck liver. It was accompanied by an eggplant and zucchini mousse and a delicious duck ‘jus’ that had us dipping our bread. In classic French style, the cheese expert came by next with a cart packed full of at least 30 top-quality cheeses for us to choose from. We were pretty stuffed at this point and knew that dessert would follow so just had small tastes of a couple, though it is customary to have three full pieces.

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