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Monday, 01 May 2006

Fall in Italy: Festival of the Mushrooms - Page 3

Written by Diana Armstrong
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Gloria, our housekeeper, appears on my back door step to announce that there is a mushroom festival in a little town called Sipicciano.  A village not far from Orvieto in Umbria.  This village does not appear on any map I own.  It is perched on the edge of the Tiber Valley right on the border of Umbria and the Lazio. Like an ancient eagle, it looks down from its aery onto vineyards and olive groves  and over in the far distance towards all the traffic speeding  between Rome and Florence.


Half and hour later our dinner is ready with its mushroom topping. I cut the giant mushroom into one inch cubes and sauté it in olive oil, garlic and butter. I then add porcini mushroom stock and let it simmer until the stock has completely evaporated. I let the chopped mushrooms crisp up to a toasty brown.  And then at the final moment before serving I add the cream.


photo by Diana Armstrong

Gloria, our housekeeper, arrives just as we are sitting down to dinner. She is not surprised by anything.  “These village people are crazy, it is because of their old stone houses, the radiation in the rock is causing them to be crazy to put out a poster like that!”



Driving Directions and Local Information:


Between Florence and Rome. Exit the Autostrada at Attligliano Exit, which is 17 miles south of the Orvieto.  Head north west to the towns of Sipicciano, Graffignano. The closest Restaurant is Mola Solis on the road about 8 miles north from the Attigliano Autostrada Exit going towards Castiglione in Teverina.

Madonna della Macchie Winery is  just 2 miles north of  Castiglione in Teverina.


Exit the Autostrada at Orvieto and drive south for five miles towards Baschi,  turn right at signs to Lubriano (Restaurants in Lubriano: Il Vecchio Mulino and il Frontoio).


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