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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Lose the Map and Get Gloriously Lost - Page 3

Written by Noreen Kompanik
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Flocks of pelicans, gulls, terns and frigates began to circle just outside the surf line. The surface of the dark aquamarine water suddenly appeared agitated. From an azure blue sky, birds from everywhere plummeted like missiles, plunging madly into the water.  Suddenly, our quiet beach front exploded into a frenzy of action. Coming virtually out of nowhere, locals sprinted for the water with nets in hand. The white crashing surf flashed silver as thousands of fish were tossed into the air. Birds, fish, nets, people. Total pandemonium. We watched in utter amazement as bulging nets full of fish were pulled ashore by at least two or three people. The bounty harvested from the surf ranged from small pan-sized fish to larger ones weighing up to five pounds. The villagers were ecstatic.

The Catch

Getting back to the boat was every bit as exciting as our debarkation. Wading out into the surf line, we swam with Olympic fervor and determination through warm, crashing waves. With every two strokes forward, the powerful surf drove us one stroke back. Once safely aboard our vessel, exhilarated and exhausted, we were convinced that the chaotic beach episode and epic swim back somehow made our day hysterically perfect.

Each day upon return to the resort, we casually interacted with other guests in the pool and swim up bar who were curious about our adventures. They would always ask “so, where did you go today?” and inquire time and again how we made the arrangements. And we would regale them with our exciting exploits of the day. For a vast majority, our willingness to bypass the concierge was well beyond their comfort zone. Most would either remain within the safe confines of the resort or at most book one or two of the concierge recommended tours. These can be good, we know. We have booked these excursions in the past, but, most are merely photo opportunities and few make for truly lasting memories. The stories our fellow guests shared with us paled in comparison to the grand adventures we shared with Tio and Moses.

Andre Gide once said “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Doing the safe thing, following the map, will get you to your destination. But, following your instincts and taking that chance may lead to magnificent places and unforgettable adventures.


© Noreen Kompanik


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