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Thursday, 01 November 2018

Travel Vanuatu: Off the Tourist Trail in the South Pacific Archipelago - Page 3

Written by Liska Crofts
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Of course there are food shops and eateries of various descriptions all over Efeta, local and international cuisine, but one of the great joys of Vanuatu is the sheer generosity of its jungles and waters. Food hangs, walks and floats by everywhere. In place of Europe's blackberry bushes spring up the aforementioned papaya, coconuts, pomelos (the world's largest and tastiest grapefruit), soursop, and plenty of bananas! There's no 'big agriculture' on the islands and walking or driving around you can see how heavily the Ni-Vanuatu rely on family gardens constructed systematically for all their staple foods.

Did I mention that the archipelago is volcanic?

Which would be an understatement as it sits dead on top of the Pacific's Ring of Fire. A dramatic component has been thrown up by a dozen dormant volcanoes and seismic landscape formation making for a spectacular trekking inland (and many impressive plane-descents, the main means for transport between the islands). Ash falls steadily on the southern island of Tanna with the ongoing eruptions of world-famous Yasur. To the north is volcano and island Ambrym, another of the world's most active volcanoes, constantly producing a worthy tropical counterpart to the lava fields of Iceland.

Whether the aim of your break is to escape your usual surroundings – it's difficult to be more remote than in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – or to explore the great outdoors while immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture, Vanuatu provides an ideal setting; a varied and rich geography with locals ready to reciprocate an interest in their culture and keen to share all the best parts of Vanuatu life.

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©Liska Crofts

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