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Friday, 31 October 2014

The Camino Made Me Eat That... - Page 3

Written by Michelle Smith
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All that being said, I love a food adventure, so bring it on!  Many Vancouverites would be horrified to hear of the questionable things I have eaten here. Horrified.

Top 5:

1. 'Albino' bread...highly refined pre-sliced, white 'bread.' The crust was even white. Provided as part of my breakfast at an albergue in Itero de la Vega.

2. Black Pudding...cooked blood. I actually enjoyed this. Santo Domingo.

3. Vending machine breakfast cakes. It was either that or olive oil and beer. Happened on more than one occasion.

4. Pork crackling...still had hair on it. Tasty. Viana.

5. The infamous processed pink chicken burger...I wanted a burger. It was bright pink...processed florescent pink...I am embarrassed to say I actually ate it. Burgos.

Things I have ate/drank that have been 'against the rules' previously:

•Cookies...all shapes and sizes.

•Croissants...homemade usually. I have really missed eating croissants.


•Pain du chocolat...homemade, I will take 2, por favor!

•Candy...yup. I went there.

•Coke...I lent someone 10 euros, they paid me back and added a can of coke in there for good measure. It was a nice gesture and I couldn't remember the last time I had had a Coke. A nice nostalgic drink but I doubt I will have another.

• much bread.

•Beer...I was curious.

•Ice cream...why not?

•Pasta...I recently had pasta made by a real Italian. Hands down, the best pasta I have ever eaten. So simple yet so good.

Things I am jonsing for constantly:


Like everything thing I have learned on the Camino, this revelation will be an on going journey. I still have twinges of guilt and anxiety over weight gain and self image but honestly, let's be real here...

I am walking 20-30 km a day and it's the Camino. Who cares?!

I don’t.


©Michelle Smith  




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