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Monday, 01 May 2017

Ten Things to Do In Guilin - Page 3

Written by Harvey Thomlinson
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7. Go Underground

Guilin’s karst topography not only extends to the spectacular pinnacles above ground, but also under the surface of the earth where a vast array of sinkholes, underground streams and rivers, dolines (depressions where the surface crust has collapsed), and an abundance of caves (the most in Guangxi). Thrill-seeking spelunkeans pursuing an adventure sports experience should seek the assistance of one of the rock climbing clubs. Some caves are unregulated and you need to take responsibility for your own safety and avail yourself of an experienced guide. The most popular of these caves are the Buddha Cave and the Longmen Water Cave.


9. Visit the Prince’s City of the Ming kings

A must for fans of Chinese history, this “inner-city” offers an overview of court life in imperial China, as well as an unrivaled view of the “outer-city”. Constructed in classic oblong formation, with four gates and a protective wall, the Jingjiang Prince’s Palace was built between 1372 and 1392. It was originally intended as the official residence of a great nephew of the first Ming dynasty emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. However, 14 Ming kings from 12 generations would come to live here. After you pass through the majestic yellow Chengyun Gate you’ll follow the prince’s path to the Chengyun Palace, which is central to the whole site. It has burned down a number of times since it was originally constructed. This faithful reconstruction now houses a museum telling the history of the Prince’s City, with limited English-language information, alas.

Princes City 


10. Try Authentic Guilin Rice Noodles.

Guilin Rice Noodles are the real deal, the authentic version of a dish found all across China and East Asia. The noodles with their vermicelli style texture are made from locally grown rice that is pressed and moulded into noodles. Each Guilin restaurant offers their own special gravy which clients may customize by adding in their choice of spices, chives, chili peppers, and other bits from a selection of pots around the restaurant. There are numerous places in Guilin to try this staple, but our undisputed favorite was the Guilin Rice Noodle Bar in the heart of the tourist zone on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. Not only did they serve up an impressive range of noodles but you can also wash them down with delicious home-brewed black beer.

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