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Monday, 01 May 2017

Ten Things to Do In Guilin - Page 2

Written by Harvey Thomlinson
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4. Explore Ancient River Towns

Daxu Ancient Town, one of many ancient river towns along the historic water axis of the Li River, is a real treasure for history buffs like me. Its location, just 20 kilometers southeast of Guilin, makes it well worthy of a day trip from the city. Daxu literally means Big Market and this place really does have a long mercantile history to speak of. Founded in the Qin Dynasty, 2000 years ago, Daxu came to prominence in the Ming Dynasty, though most of the surviving architecture dates back to the late Qing period. Said to be one of the four famous ancient towns in Guangxi, it was Daxu’s strategic location on the Li River that made it a natural trading hub.

Xingan Ancient Town 


5. Enjoy A Cycling Wonderland

With flat winding country paths snaking through scenery comprising of majestic peaks, winding rivers and ancient villages, it’s as if the bicycle was invented to explore Guilin. Cycling is by far the best way to enjoy the majesty of the region, especially Yangshuo and the Li and Yulong river valleys. Bicycle hire is near ubiquitous in Yangshuo. Most Yangshuo guesthouses offer bike rental service of some description. At the low end expect to pay around RMB20 for a rusty roadster, whereas RMB120 at the other end of the scale will get you a serious mountain bike.


6. Go Hiking

With thousands of limestone peaks in Guilin, there are abundant hikes up the karst hills, as well as countryside trails that take in rural life of Guilin. There are many established parks with pagodas or pavilions adorning the peak, as well as some untouched summits to scale. It is possible to engage a local guide to help navigate the fields and peaks of Guilin and price is negotiable. All trails are not necessarily clearly marked and the assistance of a local guide can assist in finding the right path.


5. Get Vertical

With its thousands of peaks, Guilin is a mecca for rock climbers who come from around the world to scale the crags and cliff faces. The first were mastered by German climbers in the mid-1980s. Then routes were opened up by American and Chinese climbers in the early 1990s. Now there are over 800 sports climbing routes. Guilin’s popularity is based upon the many and varied routes, the quality of the rock, the accessibility of the peaks and its low cost. Popular local routes include the aptly named Swiss Cheese, a pockmarked karst cliff excellent for lower to intermediate climbers with its thirteen different routes varying from 10 to 35 meters in height, plus another eight routes on another face.

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