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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Seven Days in Sicily - Page 3

Written by Jonathan Hiltz
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The island of Sicily is a stunningly diverse destination, filled with an incredible mixture of different cultures. This is evident in many aspects of life there, particularly visible in the region’s food, architecture and art.



Agrigento is a small, industrial seaside town that happens to have some of the best natural and historical sites in Sicily. The first of these wonders is the ‘Valley Of The Temples,’ which is an astonishing archeological discovery of Greek temples that were built in the 5th and 6th century B.C. This World Heritage site has several structures that have been partially restored and are well-preserved. Some are open for the public to climb and walk on and others are roped off and can be seen from a few feet away.

Another attraction and a natural wonder in the area is the amazing La Scala Dei Turchi, which is a mountainous-like rock that juts into the Mediterranean ocean. This natural formation could pass as an iceberg as its bleach-white color reflects the sunlight. It’s a wonderful place for a hike and to spend a couple of hours. The city of Agrigento can be seen in at most two days and only one night is needed here.


If you are flying in and out of Catania Airport for your Sicilian adventure, spending your last days in Catania is a perfect way to end the journey. This beautiful region is the grand finale fireworks display; everything together in one big explosion of culture.

Catania is a large, bustling city filled with restaurants, small and large retail stores and many houses and structures all packed together. The diversity in cultures is very evident in this city as you see people of African, Italian, Greek and Arab descent all living together in rows and rows of jagged ancient city blocks. Every food from falafel to spaghetti is available for the hungry traveler.

Catania looks very much like an Italian New York and is filled with things to do, such as visiting the Duomo Di Catania, strolling the famous street market and exploring the city of Lentini where you can view ancient ruins. No more than two nights are needed here and conveniently, the airport is right next to the city, which makes it less of a marathon when having to catch your flight home.

Viva Sicily!

Seven Days in Sicily, travel sicily, travel italy, Sicilian, Taormina, Teatro Greco, Greek Amphitheater, Mount Etna, Villa Angela, Jim Kerr, Cefalu, Palermo, Palazzo Dei Normanni, Teatro Massimo, Quattro Canti, Agrigento, Valley Of The Temples, La Scala Dei Turchi, Catania, Jonathan HiltzSicily is part of Italy in its Geography, but its culture, history, buildings, art and food make it a country unto itself. This is not the Italy the world is familiar with, but it is one that deserves a traveler’s utmost attention. It offers a mixture of many cultures and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

©Jonathan Hiltz

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