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Sunday, 01 November 2020

Iberian Peninsula: Slow-Travel Road Trip in Spain and Portugal - Page 7

Written by Russ and Emily Firlik
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Another unplanned discovery was to find the Bubo Bar, and their award winning chef, Charles Mample. His establishment was a two - in - one jewel, i.e., a haute chocolatier and a new-wave tapa bar. We sampled both savory and sweet tapas and the incredible tartaleta de xocolata. Exquisite in every flavor!


Our last day in Barcelona was devoted to the Museum of Contemporary Arts, as this building was designed by Richard Meier. The surprise was seeing this large stark-white building amongst the 400 year old residential buildings . Meier simply took a square in the middle of a residential block and designed the building to “fit” within the footprint. Brilliant!


We finished off our Barcelona visit with a return visit to the Picasso Museum. Picasso maintained ties with Barcelona since his youth. The museum was made up of five prior palaces that were annexed to accommodate 4,251 works. Most works were from his teenage years to age 30. Another great opportunity to learn another art history lesson.




After a slow-travel road trip of six weeks in the Iberian Peninsula we were very satisfied that we succeeded in all that we wanted to do and experience, enjoyed our discoveries and learned as much as possible along the way.


From Portugal to Spain to the island of Mallorca, we had our surprises, but never any disappointments during this journey where we visited 24 towns, cities and villages; A lasting travel experience that we shall always remember.


Upon reflection, we'd observed, felt, smelt, listened and tasted much more of the Portuguese and Spanish culture, history and cuisine than we could have imagined.


Em deserves all the credit for this inspiring, insightful and successful slow travel experience. Her planned itinerary, selections for accommodations (location and budget point), good humor, excellent navigation skills, keen intuitive capacities, and patience with me, made for a lovable and adorable traveling mate. Thank you, Em.



©Russ and Emily Firlik

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