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Tuesday, 04 December 2007

How Green was the Green Man? - Page 10

Written by Matthew Alan Taylor
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Can 45,000 people journey vast distances to a lifeless desert and participate in an environmentally sustainable festival devoted to burning stuff? This year, Burning Man attempted to do just that: go green.


Cirino says the festival will be goddess-focused, “very yin oriented as opposed to the yang energy of Burning Man. And the primary goal is for people to be self-reliant with sustainable practices, particularly permaculture. Permaculture is our base, our core. Water Woman will set up Burning Man in a beautiful way – ours will be in Spring, for growth, before the Fall and the burning. We’ll be building a food forest as well.” Cirino reports that he’s been flooded with volunteers and he plans to hold the festival in Northern California sometime in late Spring 2008, after Memorial Day.


Happy and VelocityHappy and Velocity believe the government must force people to take the steps necessary to stop global warming.


Cirino says the Water Woman city will include a cultural and learning center, and be built on a depressed property that needs help. Cirino is especially looking for indigenous land and to resuscitate a watershed.

“People’s ticket money will be an investment in their education, and also, they’ll be able to come back during the course of the year to learn as much as they can,” said Cirino. The festival will encourage children and family participation, will be promoted as totally substance-free, and all music will be unplugged. He hopes that after a five-year cycle, Water Woman will move to resuscitate other ecologically distressed properties.

Kachina Katrina, who recently moved into an eco-focused co-operative community in Oakland, concludes, “I think Burning Man is such a huge distraction to people in their lives, it’s an enormously wasteful party. I’m so thrilled to be back to my life – no more Burning Man. It’s time to think about what’s really happening on this planet. Bring it back home, to your home.”

© Matthew Alan Taylor

Known to burners as “goodthinkful,” Matthew Alan Taylor is a UC Berkeley peace and conflict studies student who has installed solar photovoltaic panels on his roof and indefinitely renounced jet aviation. He can be contacted via his web site:

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