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Sunday, 30 June 2019

Climbing to Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan - Page 2

Written by Dale Fehringer
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Our hotels were clean and up-to-date, with cable television and wifi. Our stay in a former palace offered brightly-colored painted wooden furniture and fantastic views of a nearby temple lit up at night.

The food is hearty and tasty, but not fancy. Typical meals include vegetables, rice, potatoes, chicken or pork, (often with red chili sauce to spice it up) and we've been able to get wine, beer, and espresso coffee drinks at restaurants and hotels.

Nearly everywhere we've been, including hotel lobbies, restaurants, stores, and temples we saw framed photos of the king, often with the queen. We asked Nom Gay if it was a law. No, he assured us, the people do it because they love the king, and he said the king lives a simple life in a simple house, walks to his office, and mixes with his people. And he proudly told us about meeting and talking with the king during his time as a guide.

We have had a full schedule each day with hikes to temples, bicycle rides, and tours of points of interest. The spring weather has been sunny but cool, and some hikes have been on trails packed with snow. We’ve experienced breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains, hiked past herds of yaks, toured former palaces, monasteries and nunneries, and had lunches and dinners at an assortment of small restaurants with friendly wait staff. We’ve seen prayer flags waving in the wind outside most special places, and prayer wheels are common at temples. We became adept at turning prayer wheels and found it to be comforting.

Although many younger Bhutanese play soccer or tennis, archery is the most popular sport, and we were lucky to see a match. Teams of archers wearing traditional robes stand more than the length of a football field apart from each other and take turns trying to hit a target the size of a dart board.

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