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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bend, Oregon: Hiking & Breweries - Page 3

Written by David Clewett
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We took a couple quick pictures at the trailhead before beginning the ascent.  The Misery Ridge Trail is an intense uphill climb with some zig zagging and 1000 feet of quick elevation gain.  We actually had to stop several times to catch our breath as our hearts were beating heavily and we were winded.  This is a serious endurance test for all who dare make the trek and it was the biggest hiking challenge we have faced.  Along the way we saw two different rock climbers and stopped to watch them work their way up the face of the rock.  It is believed that Smith Rock is where the hobby of rock climbing was founded.  It was fun to watch as somebody on the ground assisted and communicated with the person a hundred feet up hanging from the side of the rock.   


Eventually we made it to the summit and found a bench to rest and look out at the incredible view.  The sun was starting to go down which provided an incredible setting for taking in the scenery.  We took several pictures to document the reward for our accomplishment.  

Smith Rock Viewpoint 2

Smith Rock Viewpoint 3

Unfortunately however, the reward was short lived as Mal suffered from a bloody nose due to the rapid elevation gain.  This was quite a frightening experience but also rewarding as another lesson learned in preparedness.  We didn’t have a first aid kit with us or really anything to help stop the bleeding.  A shirt was sacrificed to help stop the bleeding but for all future hikes we will definitely have a proper medical kit for any injuries while on the trail.  Lesson learned.  We did manage to stop the bleeding long enough in order to get a picture together from the top of Smith Rock before making our way back down.  This was by far our biggest hiking accomplishment and we celebrated our return to the parking lot with a high five and a hug.  It was a great feeling and almost a rite of passage proving to ourselves that we can in fact be serious hikers.  This hike was very satisfying in that regard.  

Smith Rock Us

After settling into the car we made our way back to the Bend Ale Trail to finish the day and celebrate our full day of great hiking accomplishments at the local breweries.


(c) David Clewett


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