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Sunday, 01 July 2018

A Year in America: Living off a Motorcycle - Page 3

Written by Michael Huber
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For a bit of my background, I was in the 82nd Airborne Division. I feel this fuels my desire to live at a more intense level then what others may be open to. When I travel to new locations I avoid the tourist scene, get off the beaten path, and fully absorb what the local culture has to offer. These experiences allow me to embrace a deeper understanding of the region I am living in and puts me in a position outside my comfort zone which most people avoid. When I lived in Peru, I traveled to Iquitos and experienced ayahuasca with the Shaman, when I was in New Mexico I attended several sweat lodge ceremonies, and in Mexico petting grey whales that were coming up to my panga to say “hello”. These are a few examples of going deeply off the beaten path and embracing the unique cultures that surround me.

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I am currently 1 year, 11 states, 3 countries (USA, Canada, and Mexico), and close to 20,000 miles into this journey. I have camped deep in National Forests so many times I cannot remember. I have awoken to elks rutting outside my tent in Utah, wild horses grazing in Arizona, stalked by a fox in Utah, and gotten far too close to moose in Colorado. I try to spend one month in each state depending on the weather, completion of my objectives, and really just going off how I feel. The past year has been the most challenging and rewarding of my life. I have failed, succeeded, and pushed myself mentally and physically daily while embracing each day I am riding a motorcycle.

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There is nothing like the glow of a campfire reflecting off your motorcycle when you are alone deep in nature, and that is what keeps me going on this journey!

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©Michael Huber

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