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Sunday, 01 July 2018

A Year in America: Living off a Motorcycle

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Through my life I have had two passions, motorcycles and traveling. After an extremely gray depressing winter in Seattle in 2017 I decided to see if I could build a high-level plan to combine the two while maintaining a successful career. I am fortunate enough to work remotely so my mindset was: I can give this a try and worst case I have to return to Seattle after I fail miserably. Best case, I succeed and open up a new dimension to my life that many not only cannot imagine but would never dare to attempt.

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Although my introduction sounds like I just packed up and left - it took over two months of planning until I was comfortable enough to attempt using Montana as my beta state. It was a month of preparing finances and defining a high level view of what I wanted to accomplish with this journey, then another month of adjusting equipment and waiting for weather to break a bit so that would be in my favor for this test run.

My lease expired in April in Seattle, prior to that I sold everything I owned including my car and was left with my gear and 5 plastic tubs and my skis. I took the attempt at fulfilling my dreams quite seriously. I ensured I had zero’d out any type of bill or financial responsibility I had for two reasons, one to allow enough savings for a proper retreat should it be needed, and second not to have the financial burden of any overhead that would distract me from my dreams. I would use Airbnb’s to live in for the foreseeable future. This assured me a stable environment in which I could remain successful within my career.

I really nailed my packing list as after 8 months I returned to my Seattle storage unit and the only thing I needed was a winter hat (I had a 14°f camping night in Bryce Canyon in which a hat would have been fantastic). That's with camping and riding in temperatures ranging from 14°f to 90°f, hiking, and work. Never at any point did I need or miss anything else other than the gear I left with originally. It’s easier to start off with only the bare essentials for what you want to accomplish, you can always purchase items along the way if needed. It is still easier and less costly than purchasing everything under the sun and being stuck carrying the extra weight of unneeded gear.

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