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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A Cross-Country Excursion through the Southern States - Page 5

Written by Josh Mitchell
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When my roommate told me that he was leaving Boston and moving to San Diego, I jumped at the chance to drive with him through the southern states – a part of the country that I have always longed to explore. There are not many times in your life when you are able to dedicate an entire month to traveling.

With our stomachs full and our heart and mind on our hometown baseball team, we mustered all of our focus and energy and powered through to our hotel in Buckhead, an affluent suburb of Atlanta that is dubbed "The Beverly Hills of the South".


Following a dip in the hot tub and a complimentary hour of chicken wings and beer, we walked down to the Marta – which is Atlanta’s public transportation line.


The train connected us to a free shuttle and we were at Turner Field in no time.  Red Sox nation was in full effect.  Boston fans were everywhere, like Gremlins multiplying in the shower.  We were able to get a "Here We Go, Red Sox!" chant blaring by the second pitch.  The team truly is a national phenomenon.south


The outnumbered Braves fans tried to silence us with their crushing and catchy "Tomahawk Chop Chant". You haven't lived until you've heard it live: "Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"  It roars with a powerful presence and has an intimidating, church choir-like quality to it.


The Sox got crushed the first night but we were able to vindicate ourselves on Tuesday night – we grabbed $10 seats and muscled our way to the front row of the rowdy and active bleachers.


There is not a bad seat at Turner Field and they have the best and clearest jumbo-tron in the major leagues.  Too bad they can't sell out games.  It was weird not having to wait in beer and bathroom lines.


With a sense of victory and relief – we didn't want to walk away with two road losses under our belt – we packed up the car and hit the road for Birmingham, Alabama.


southWe got to Birmingham in the early afternoon, and after dealing with the confusing mapquest directions (it turns out that there is a big difference between 7th street and East 7th Street) we finally arrived at The Hospitality Inn.  The place looked like it hadn't been updated since 1965, and smelled like an old attic, but the price was right at $45 a night, and it was kind of funny in an "I'm glad we're going to get the hell out of here tomorrow morning" kind of way.


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