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Tuesday, 01 March 2016

A Certain Time of Day: Cycling and Sailing in Greece - Page 4

Written by Dale Fehringer
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On our ride back to the boat we come upon a gorgeous monastery, dedicated to Agios Nektarios, a saint in the Greek Orthodox religion. His story is a little like that of Mother Theresa, and he spent his life helping the poor in Greece. Agios Nektarios was known as a great miracle worker and a healer of diseases, and today thousands of people come here to visit his tomb, pray to him, and ask for his blessings.



Our last evening is special!  The ladies get dressed up and the guys put on clean shorts for our final meal aboard our small ship.  The crew have knocked themselves out, and we enjoy a fabulous BBQ; join in numerous toasts to our crew, guides, and each other; and are entertained by the guides’ award ceremony, which includes accolades for good sportsmanship, closest resemblance to a Greek goddess, funniest outfit, best use of a GoPro, etc. The crew and guides are presented our thanks and our tips, followed by more toasts and a round of hugs.  Toni gets out his guitar and we sing songs together -- new songs, old songs, it doesn’t matter -- everyone joins in.  Eventually, it gets late and we say our goodbyes and share more hugs. 


Traveling with a group of strangers is a bonding and rewarding experience, and I relish my time with this special group of people. I will carry much home from Greece; including new friendships, treasured experiences, and a renewed sense of history.  And, every once in a while, late in the afternoon, I will take a minute, stop what I am doing, look up at the sky, remember Greece, and reflect on that certain time of day.  


©Dale Fehringer


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