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Christina Kay Bolton, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


christina bolton

Christina became a full-fledged world traveler at the age of 26 when she traveled for a year on her own. Her eyes were opened wide when she took a flight to Pakistan, and then moved slowly across India by train and across Nepal by raft and by foot. She quickly adapted to the travelers lifestyle and decided she wanted to see the entire world in this way, not on a standard package tour where all sense of adventure and discovery is missing and one rarely speaks to the people living in the country.

For Christina, there’s no greater excitement than ‘undiscovered’ destinations. Her style has developed from ‘arrive in a county with no plans and nowhere to stay’ to thoroughly planned seamless journeys that still provide an abundance of surprises. She blends a range of different experiences in one trip from staying in a hostel one night and a boutique hotel the next, to trekking through the mountains, exploring cities, and lying on the beach.

Christina’s love of travel, photography, and writing have led her to create inTravel Magazine™. She realized that she read all sorts of travel magazines, but craved more authentic travel stories where the amazing, the unbelievable and the hilarious experiences are all shared in well written articles with beautiful pictures. So, with a sense of openness toward finding what was missing she began inTravel Magazine™ and hopes it serves its audience well and becomes their abode in the travel world.



Antoinette Marie, Assistant Editor


Pic1By the time Antoinette was ten she knew she wanted to be a writer. By the time she moved out of her family’s home and into her own apartment she knew she had to see the world. In 2008 a friend bought her the book “Eat, Pray, Love.” Within six months she sold everything she owned, packed her car with her cat and moved to California. While there, she explored as much as she could until she felt the urge to move again. This time life took her to New York. The city was exactly how she thought it would be. A city that never slept, moved at the speed of sound, and offered almost anything a person could possibly want. 

What it didn’t offer was the rest of the world and college. Antoinette’s next stop was Cambridge, Massachusetts where she’s getting her degree at Harvard. While there she’s exploring the Northeast, whether it is lobster bakes in Maine, the sunrise in Rhode Island or a hiking trip through New Hampshire. While at college she is hoping to take credits in archeology and travel to Israel for a summer. 

After her degree she is planning to travel outside the United States starting with Italy. She is learning Italian in hopes of taking cooking lessons while there.  Like all places she will only stay a few months and continue traveling. In the meantime she plans to write about the places she has been and the places she hopes to see. 







Rick Robiar, Director of Sales


The Travel bug bit Rick a little late in life. It wasn't until he spent one month stumbling through southern Italy and Sicily looking for French food that he realized there were things to be learned and experiences to be had if he could just get over his fear of flying (Rick used to free fall sky dive from 11000 feet! Go figure.) There was also his innate inability to speak other languages, and we may as well mention his all consuming dread of all things different. But being a trooper he managed to jet set his way to India, Morocco, most of South America, and parts of Europe. A near death experience following an accidental overdose in a Santiago Gelato cafe convinced us it was time to bring Rick home and have him do what he does best: Connect people to people.









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