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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Want to Publish your own Guidebook?

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Want to publish a guidebook or itinerary?

Here is a site I’ve come across that lets budding travel writers become self-publishers. Some interesting features on the Guide Gecko site: 

- You can write and sell your own guidebook. This is a neat feature. They make it easy with existing templates; you set the price and receive 50% from the sale of each guidebook that someone orders online. 

- After writing your guidebook, you can use them to print out multiple guidebooks and sell the hardcopies on your own.

- Your book can be available to buyers as a PDF download, perhaps for a reduced price.

- There are also the options to make your guidebook available as a Kindle e-book, an I-phone app, or as an attachment to your website. 

- If you don’t know what to do with those leftover tomes after your trip ends: you can sell existing guidebooks. Guide Gecko gives you 85% of the price you set for each sale. 

Technology continues to influence travel; its impact will only continue to grow. Kindles, I-phones and devices like them will come to replace hard-cover guidebooks for most travelers, cutting the costs of paper guides. Now you will be able to have interactive information on your portable I-pad and be able to download at a touch specific information, the moment need of it.

I like the opportunity Guide Gecko provides to make alternate guides available for your favorite destinations. While Lonely Planets and Rough Guides do contain a lot of information, they are lacking in some areas. What if you’re a vegetarian? Traveling to Germany with children? Brazil with pets?

Some of the more interesting guidebook titles:

“The 10 Best of Everything”

"Guide to Las Angeles Food Trucks"

“The Best Dives of the Carribean”

“100 Animals to See Before THEY Die”

“100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go”

“200 Waterfalls in Central and Western New York”

“A Nomad’s Guide to Uzbekistan”

“Destination Weddings”

“Great Cycle Journeys of the World”

Here’s to making an extra buck while we travel the world.

You can find more information here: 
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