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Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Secrets of Paris

Written by Antoinette Marie
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        Want to know more about Paris besides the Eiffel Tower? The Secrets of Paris by Michael Kerrigan will take you into the world of this extravagant city. More than just a coffee table book, it is filled with more than enough photos to please even the biggest fans of Paris.  As you leisurely page through you’ll notice not only do the pictures capture the typical tourist destinations but it is chock-full of places you may not have heard of.

The book is broken down into sections, each exploring that particular region. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Eiffel tower you will of course see and learn about the tower in this book. There is an entire section devoted to the tower but you’ll also get the opportunity to learn what other fascinating places are in the same vicinity; from the Musèe D’orsay Clock, an art museum with paintings and modern art, to 22 Avenue Rapp-a famous front door.  This is being just one part of Paris; Kerrigan will take you to the outskirts of Paris where you’ll learn about the Place Dauphine. You’ll visit the Grand Palais in Louvre and learn about its history.  Travel to Abbesses is read about the wall of Je’Taime. There are more than 1,000 I love you’s written on the wall. 

       Each picture has an explanation of its background making the pictures come to life.  The title for each picture is written in a whimsical, romantic style. As each section begins Kerrigan gives the reader a short introduction to familiarize them with the area they are about to view.  Kerrigan not only captures the most famous of places, he writes about the places to shop like the Village of Saint-Paul or have a bite to eat at Café Les Deux Magots; the many different parks to visit including one of my favorite pictures Parch Montsouris. A picture of a wide trail with its railing made up of tree limbs. And of course statues are throughout the book including Paris’s smaller rendition of the Statue of Liberty. 

       Unlike most coffee books, this one will have you staying up into the middle of the night not only enjoying the pictures but learning about all the wonderful places Paris has to offer. 




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