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Monday, 03 June 2013

The Calm Before the Summer

Written by Antoinette Marie
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       I don’t know about you but it’s been a long winter and spring. And while I’m ready to hit the beach I’m in need of some spiritual R&R before I dive into my summer romance novel while catching some rays.  I could go to my local yoga studio or hop on a plane and head to India.  

       The Shreyas Retreat is a peaceful sanctuary where you’ll do yoga in the most exquisite of places. This place is not meant for someone who just wants to wake up and do exercise. The staff is all about helping you journey in to self-discovery. It will be a week-long spiritual experience as you push your body and your mind.  The rooms where you’ll be meditating or having a yoga session will be free flowing with no walls. Surrounding you will be trees and plant life that breathes life into the air around you. You will either be completely outside standing on grass as you stretch your mind and body or you may be in one of the small palace rooms with pillars.  There will be mediation sessions to calm your inner spirit as well as chanting sessions. 

       The food will be organic for detoxing all that wonderful food you ate throughout the winter months.  The food will be vegetarian. There will be no alcohol or smoking allowed. The chefs say a small prayer over the food before they serve it. Everything about this retreat is about spiritual calmness and self-discovery. 

       When you’re not in a session there are lush gardens to enjoy nature. Throughout the twenty-five acre retreat will be areas of small pools where you can rest, listen to the water and relax your mind. Small pathways are there for walking when you so desire.  Each cabin where you’ll reside is simple yet elegant. The walls are soft white and roomy. Some will be next to the pool or freestanding depending on how much privacy you’re looking for. 

       Before you pull out that bikini or swimsuit take a moment to relax within yourself and wake up in India if only for a week. I know this is what I’m in serious need of. A place where the only thinking I’m doing is on me without a worry. The rest of the summer will still be waiting for me. 



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