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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Written by Antoinette Marie
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      Snow! It’s everywhere including three feet on my porch. Which I managed to shovel off after spending an entire day shoveling out my car. Yes, I live in Massachusetts. Do I miss the sun, the beach and everything hot? The answer is yes! But not quite yet. If I’m going to have snow I might as well enjoy it. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Why not? 

       When I was younger I would get out my lightning glider sled and head to my favorite hill. My dad and I would sled for hours until we were in need of hot chocolate. Of course that was then and this is now.  I still sled and I still look for that beautiful hill packed with snow waiting for me to make the first tracks of the day. Beyond sledding is skiing and snowboarding. What better way to celebrate the snow than finding a ski resort and forgetting about the chores and errands I should be doing. For me I’m more of a cross-country adventurer. I’ve tried skiing lessons and almost made it to the bunny slope but to no avail. It was not meant to be. My legs refused to allow me the pleasure of whipping down a hill as fast as I could and after landing in a ditch during my one on one lesson, even my coach agreed: this is not for you.  So now I take it nice and easy. 

       The Great Glen Trails in New Hampshire is perfect for my kind of skiing. It has many trails for the cross-country skier. On certain nights you can get out your snowshoes and go for a moonlight ski. Simplistically breathtaking and romantic.  This is a guided tour and you will have to make a reservation. You can’t bring your lightning glider but they do have tubes for those who want to have a blast going down hills without the worry of where your feet should go. 

       Don’t mistake my inability to pick up the sport that this resort does not offer skiing for all levels. It does. There are races and prices will be awarded if you decided to participate in the events or you can just ski until your heart is content. This resort has something for everyone including a ride on their snow coach. The snow coach is a guided tour through Mount Washington and at the top you can ride back down in the snow coach or put on your skis and venture down yourself. 

       For me, I will be on the cross-country trails, enjoying a relaxing afternoon. After which I will be drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing on my younger years where I would sing with my dad until my mother brought us each a mug filled with marshmallows. 


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